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Counselling Services


I experience each person as a whole being and draw upon various therapeutic models and approaches in order to address the specific concerns individual clients present. These concerns might include emotional, mental, behavioral, social and spiritual challenges.

I see the therapeutic encounter as a collaborative process, and along with the cultivation of a compassionate and accepting way of being, a safe foundation emerges for exploration, inspiration, and motivation (ways of doing), encouraging an attitude of challenge, discovery, and growth – with the ultimate goal of achieving effective change and an improved quality of life.

Areas of Practice include individual concerns such as:

  • Abuse               Addictions      Anxiety       Bullying       Change and Loss
  •  Depression Grief           Life Coaching       Mindfulness
  •  Self-Esteem Issues                 Stress                  Purpose and Meaning  

Relationship Counselling:

  • Communication             Co-Parenting         Family Conflict
  • Pre-Marital Counselling           Separation and Divorce


Therapeutic Orientation and Modalities

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy             Meditation
Gestalt                                            Narrative                               
Eclectic                                           Positive & Energy Psychology 
Existential                                        Psychodynamic
Health Psychology                            Rational-Emotive
Humanistic                                      Solution-Focused
Integral & Spiritual Psychology          Transpersonal 

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