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About Dr. Diane Evans


Diane Evans, Ph.D. is a Registered Psychologist in private practice since 2008 in Southwest Calgary with over 15 years of educational and volunteer experience in psychology and counselling.

The topic of Diane’s doctoral research was The Experience of Anticipatory Grief Among Individuals Living with Cancer, Their Primary Caregivers, and Families. Individuals participating in Hospice Calgary’s Living with Cancer day program were interviewed in order to gain insight into their hopes, fears, and challenges of living with palliative cancer. Their primary caregivers and family members were also interviewed in order to gain insight into the systemic impact of a terminal diagnosis and the multi-dimensional nature of grief as a response (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially) to change and loss.

In addition to experience in traditional psychological practice, Dr. Evans has a Masters in Reiki and is experienced in mindfulness meditation, guided meditation, and has a keen interest in consciousness studies. This interest is accompanied by extensive training and experience in the use of binaural beats/hemispheric synchronization in the exploration of consciousness as taught by facilitators at The Monroe Institute.



~ The therapeutic relationship is the foundation of an effective therapeutic   process. The client needs to feel safe and understood, acknowledged, challenged, and encouraged. 

~ We are more than our physical bodies – we are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social beings. We are always in a “state of becoming.”

~ Our mind-body-spirit selves are interconnected – what happens at one level has an impact on the others.

~ The small self is motivated by ego-based fears. The authentic self grows from feelings of trust and love.

~ We seek, most often subconsciously, congruence among our beliefs and thoughts and behaviors.

~ Intention and attention are fundamental to effective change.

My practice is deeply influenced by the wisdom of Eastern Philosophies including Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and Hinduism. Integrating these cross-cultural influences with the rational tenets of Western Psychology offers a bridge between science and spirit and symbolizes, both literally and figuratively, my approach to healing and growth.


T(here) is no conflict at all between science and spirituality. I think there is a conflict between the current scientific paradigm and spirituality but that’s not science, that’s just the belief system that science adheres to at the moment.  ~  Peter Russell


Dr. Evans has presented workshops and has presented her research at a number of conferences.

Diane has been associated with Hospice Calgary in a volunteer capacity since 2001 including facilitating Stepping Stones – an 8-week bereavement group, writing a column: Heart Matters, for their volunteer newsletter and volunteering in their Living with Cancer day program from 2005-2012.



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